German Landscape Research Network

The Arbeitskreis Landschaftsforschung (literally: “Working Group for Landscape Research”) is an open platform for German-language academics and practitioners in the field of landscape research. The focus is on integrative and interdisciplinary approaches with special emphasis on the perspectives of the humanities and the social and political sciences.

The Arbeitskreis Landschaftsforschung was established in close cooperation with the Landscape Research Group (LRG) and began running activities in 2012. In 2019 it officially became LRG’s first Landscape Research Network.  

A Landscape Research Network is a network of people interested in or working in landscape, funded by the Landscape Research Group (LRG). The LRG is an international, independent and not-for-profit organisation supporting inter/transdisciplinary landscape research across boundaries, particularly work which contributes to greater justice and sustainability. Landscape Research Networks are regional or thematic, and meet regularly to further research and practical work in their chosen areas. Anybody may join an existing Network, or propose a new one.

This German Landscape Research Network has the objectives:

  • To strengthen the cooperation among German-speaking landscape researchers as well as between them and members of relevant international communities,
  • To support exchanges about topics, theories and methods of landscape research,
  • To organise events, which can result in joint publications,
  • To facilitate the dissemination of information on events and other relevant developments such as conferences and upcoming legislation, and finally
  • To provide information on funding programmes and potential cooperation partners.
  • The network is currently coordinated by Markus Leibenath and Ludger Gailing. They issue a biannual email newsletter and organise at least one seminar per year, usually in cooperation with other members of the network. There is no formal membership. Please register here if you wish to receive the newsletters